Episode 25: Mistakes We’ve Made Around the World

e25Our troopers haven’t always been Disney pros. We were all newbies at some point, and have all made rookie mistakes – some even fairly recently! We’re sharing our lists of mistakes we’ve made, both in the parks and aboard the Cruise Line.

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Episode 24: Milford on the Move, Literally


Our roaming travel agent is back from his trip to Walt Disney World, and he’s sharing all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Find out how Milford spent his time in EPCOT, some new recommendations, and why he ‘s none too pleased with his hotel experience.

Plus – we’ve got a slightly new format!

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Minisode 2: Junior Explorers Round 1

JE1Welcome to Round 1 of the Junior Explorers, a series of minisodes featuring our explorers talking with their kids. After all, what’s better than seeing Disney through the eyes of a child?

Episode one kicks off with Adrianne and her 5-year-old, Melanie. Hear what Melanie thinks about Walt Disney World, and her brutal honesty with Cinderella about which castle is really the best one.

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