Not-So-Minisode: Resort Hopping With Adrianne

This week, join our Jedi master trip planner Adrianne as she explores the different resort hotel levels. Not sure where to stay on your next trip to Disney World? Let the Jedi be your guide!

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Episode 77: Adrianne In Christmasland!

This week Adrianne takes the reins while our troopers were scattered for the holidays. Adrianne and her husband Chris recapped their recent trip to Walt Disney World, which marked their first trip experiencing the holidays Disney-style.

So, the big question: did it live up to the hype?

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The Dark Kingdom

There are six Disney resorts around the world, each with its own unique set of parks creating a distinct personality. But no resort has a park dedicated to the dark side of Disney…its villains! However, rumor has it that a “Dark Kingdom” was once in the works for Disney World. But what would it have been like?

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