Villain House Badge

villainThink you know the Disney villains? They make evil fabulously fun. And their fun knows no bounds!

We’re crossing fandoms and combining two of our favorites: Disney and Game of Thrones. Earn your Villain House Badge and choose the house that’s right for you.

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20 Best Disney Villains Of All Time

Now that it’s October, our minds are on all things spooky…including VILLAINS! Over the years, Disney has created some deliciously evil characters, from schemers to monsters to the Mistress of All Evil herself.

Screen Rant took a hard look at Disney’s classic bad guys, and made a ranking of the top 20. Do you agree with their list?

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The Dark Kingdom

There are six Disney resorts around the world, each with its own unique set of parks creating a distinct personality. But no resort has a park dedicated to the dark side of Disney…its villains! However, rumor has it that a “Dark Kingdom” was once in the works for Disney World. But what would it have been like?

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