Tangled IQ Badge

Think you know Tangled? This classic ushered in a new era in Disney animation, being the first princess film to use 100% CGI and no hand-drawn animation.

Test your knowledge and earn your Tangled IQ Badge!


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Castle Badge

castleAre you Disney royalty? Do you dream of living behind enchanted walls? If so, it’s time to fulfill your destiny.

Earn your Castle Badge and find out which Disney castle is your dream home. Next question…how soon can you move in?


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Spirit Animal Badge

SpiritAnimal Have you ever wondered which Disney animal best represents you? There are so many awesome Disney animals, each with a unique personality and their own strengths. It’s hard to pick just one!

Earn your Spirit Animal Badge by taking a Disney Spirit Animal quiz. At last, the answer to your burning question…which Disney animal you are most like!

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Harryhausen’s Badge

Mike Wazowski’s favorite date spot is the luxurious Harryhausen’s. This restaurant is up there with Pizza Planet on the list of Pixar restaurants we’d all like to try in real life!

Earn your Harryhausen’s Badge with a special quiz. Your order from this sushi spot will determine which Monstropolis resident is most like you.

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