Evil Badge

evilThe heroes, princesses, and sidekicks get plenty of love among Disney fans. But sometimes, we think the villains are a bit under-appreciated. They’re just so deliciously evil, and they love every second of it.

Earn your Evil Badge by taking the ultimate test…just how evil are you?

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Frozen IQ Badge

If you’ve even remotely paid attention to Disney in the last few years, you’ve bee inundated with Frozen. But how well do you actually know this blockbuster?

Test your knowledge and earn your Frozen IQ badge. How well do you know the magical world of Arendelle?

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Spirit Animal Badge

SpiritAnimal Have you ever wondered which Disney animal best represents you? There are so many awesome Disney animals, each with a unique personality and their own strengths. It’s hard to pick just one!

Earn your Spirit Animal Badge by taking a Disney Spirit Animal quiz. At last, the answer to your burning question…which Disney animal you are most like!

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