Heart of Te Fiti Badge

The heart of Te Fiti plays a crucial role in Moana; and the beautiful spiral is part of the film’s logo.

Bring the magic of the heart into your own home with this beautiful DIY jar. It’s sparkly, versatile, and a beautiful tribute to the film.

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Snowgie Badge

snowgieWinter weather got you down? Looking for a pick-me-up? Bring some cheer and cure your winter blues with some happy little friends.

Earn your Snowgie Badge and bring some of Olaf’s little brothers and sisters home. Fair warning: they can be quite mischievous!


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Tinker Bell Badge

tinkPeter Pan may be the Neverland resident with a famous shadow, but Tinker Bell has one too! And now, you can bring her shadow into your own home, visible only when you turn on a magic light.

Earn your Tinker Bell Badge with this easy DIY. All you need is a few craft materials, a little imagination, and some pixie dust!

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