Pennant Badge

pennantLooking for a way to add a little Disney magic to your walls, but want something more creative than a poster?

Earn your pennant badge and make some awesome little strings to decorate your walls. You can mix and match any characters you want!


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Frame Badge

shelfIs your Mickey ear collection buried in a drawer? Stuffed in a closet? You’ve probably looked at it and thought…there’s got to be a better way.

Earn your Frame Badge and try a new way to display your ears. Now they can double as accessories and art!

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Tinker Bell Badge

tinkPeter Pan may be the Neverland resident with a famous shadow, but Tinker Bell has one too! And now, you can bring her shadow into your own home, visible only when you turn on a magic light.

Earn your Tinker Bell Badge with this easy DIY. All you need is a few craft materials, a little imagination, and some pixie dust!

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