Spoiler-Free Review of Captain America: Civil War

Warning: This review assumes the reader has watched Captain America: The First Avenger & Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you haven’t seen the first two Cap films, this review will contain spoilers. And, go watch them now. They are seriously good.

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DisExplorers Inaugural Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the DisExplorers Podcast. This week you’ll get to meet the members of Troop 1118. You’ll get to play along with One Word, and maybe hum a few bars to a song you’d know if you weren’t put on the spot. Finally, in honor of the celebration of Disney’s Hollywood Studios 27th birthday, we share our favorite DHS/MGM moments.

Episode 2 Preview: Captain America, music around the world of Disney, and our Deluge. What’s a Deluge, you ask? Well, tune into Episode 2 next week to find out!

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