Movie-sode 4: The Fox and The Hound

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Movie-sode! This round, Jessica talks about one of her childhood favorites…The Fox and the Hound.

Learn more about this forgotten Disney film, and how it managed to both divide and bring together two different generations of Disney animators.


Minisode 4: Jessica to the MaxPass

m4Confused about the new MaxPass announcement? You’re not alone. Jessica‘s explaining the new system, which for now will just be at Disneyland in Anaheim.

But she’s also sharing some concerns about a trend impacting all Disney parks – up charges. Is this something you worry about?

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Movie-sode 2: Robin Hood

movie2Not every Disney movie gets the love it deserves. Welcome to our second Movie-sode, a series of minisodes focused on “forgotten” Disney movies!

Nobody loves Robin Hood as much as our Adrianne. She gives us everything we need to know about this Disney classic, and shares why she thinks it deserves to stay in the spotlight.

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Movie-sode 1: Oliver & Company

movie1The Dis-Explorers love talking movies, but some Disney movies don’t get as much love as others do. This week, Jessica leads our first movie-sode, the start of a series exploring “forgotten” Disney movies.

This week’s movie: Oliver & Company! Find out why this movie had signs of trouble from the start, and how its timing sealed its fate.

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Minisode 2: Junior Explorers Round 1

JE1Welcome to Round 1 of the Junior Explorers, a series of minisodes featuring our explorers talking with their kids. After all, what’s better than seeing Disney through the eyes of a child?

Episode one kicks off with Adrianne and her 5-year-old, Melanie. Hear what Melanie thinks about Walt Disney World, and her brutal honesty with Cinderella about which castle is really the best one.

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