Character Master Badge

mcAre you a Disney buff? Think you know the characters inside and out? Time to put your neediness to the test.

Earn your Character Master Badge by naming as many Disney characters as you can. Get ready for the familiar, the elusive…even the obscure!

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Lefou Badge

lefouGaston’s Tavern is a popular spot in Disney World’s Fantasyland. Have you ever stopped by for a drink? Non-alcoholic, of course…

Now you can bring Lefou’s Brew home with you! Earn your Lefou Badge and enjoy the sweet taste of Disney World from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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Tinker Bell Badge

tinkPeter Pan may be the Neverland resident with a famous shadow, but Tinker Bell has one too! And now, you can bring her shadow into your own home, visible only when you turn on a magic light.

Earn your Tinker Bell Badge with this easy DIY. All you need is a few craft materials, a little imagination, and some pixie dust!

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Calendar Badge

calendarIf you’re gearing up for a Disney trip, you’ve probably got some kind of countdown going. Now you can make the countdown part of the experience!

Earn your Calendar Badge and create your own Disney countdown calendar. It’ll help you build excitement for your trip, and you’ll feel better and better with each passing day.

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