Coloring Badge

colorColoring isn’t just for kids…it’s so relaxing!

Earn your Coloring Badge and let out your creative side. You can color scenes from princess movies, pixar, classic Disney pictures, or even just scenery. It’ll be a journey into your imagination!

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Be Our Guest Badge

greyDo you have a beastly appetite? Have you always dreamed of dining with Belle’s enchanted friends (and trying that AMAZING spread!)?. Now you can bring a taste of the magic into your own kitchen.

Earn your Be Our Guest Badge with this recipe for the grey stuff…it’s delicious!

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Calligraphy Badge

groupDisney movies have some amazingly stylized fonts. They set the stage long before audiences ever sat down in the theater. Don’t you wish you could recreate that magic at home?

Now you can! Earn your Calligraphy Badge by downloading some free Disney fonts. After all, isn’t writing just better when you’re doing it Disney-style?

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