Ice Powers Badge

IcePowersDo you live in a Frozen-obsessed household? Hosting a Disney party and looking for cool activities?

Earn your Ice Powers badge with these simple trick…freeze water in a glass with the touch of your finger. You’ll channel Queen Elsa and bring your Disney dreams of performing magic to life!

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Spirit Animal Badge

SpiritAnimal Have you ever wondered which Disney animal best represents you? There are so many awesome Disney animals, each with a unique personality and their own strengths. It’s hard to pick just one!

Earn your Spirit Animal Badge by taking a Disney Spirit Animal quiz. At last, the answer to your burning question…which Disney animal you are most like!

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Dinglehopper Badge

DingleHopper The Dinglehopper is an essential tool for any Disney princess. But even if you aren’t a member of magical royalty, you can enjoy a special Dinglehopper treat, in dessert form!

Earn your Dinglehopper badge in the kitchen with an easy dessert recipe inspired by life under the sea. These desserts would even make Ariel jealous.

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