Dole Whip Badge

doleAre you Dole Whip obsessed? This tropical dessert is probably the most famous Disney snack of all time.

Earn your Dole Whip badge with this easy DIY recipe. All you need is some pineapple, a few juices, and lots of pixie dust!


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Zootopia Badge

zooThe animals of Zootopia are diverse, in species and in personality. Have you ever wondered which one you’re most like? Perhaps you’re an incurable optimist like Judy…or maybe a more cynical opportunist like Nick.

Earn your Zootopia badge and find out which character you are most like!

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Calligraphy Badge

groupDisney movies have some amazingly stylized fonts. They set the stage long before audiences ever sat down in the theater. Don’t you wish you could recreate that magic at home?

Now you can! Earn your Calligraphy Badge by downloading some free Disney fonts. After all, isn’t writing just better when you’re doing it Disney-style?

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