Disney Crustacean Badge

There are two famous crabs in the world of Disney: Sebastian and Tamatoa. Each has a distinct personality, and both have VERY loyal fanbases!

Earn your Disney Crustacean Badge and answer this critical question: are you a Tamatoa, or a Sebastian?

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Potatoes Au Gratin Badge

Trooper Jessica is OBSESSED with New Orleans Square’s Au Gratin potatoes. They’re creamy, cheesy, and have just enough of a Cajun kick to them.

Earn your Potatoes Au Gratin Badge with this delicious copycat. There’s never a bad time to indulge in cheesy potatoes!

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Harryhausen’s Badge

Mike Wazowski’s favorite date spot is the luxurious Harryhausen’s. This restaurant is up there with Pizza Planet on the list of Pixar restaurants we’d all like to try in real life!

Earn your Harryhausen’s Badge with a special quiz. Your order from this sushi spot will determine which Monstropolis resident is most like you.

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