Tonga Toast Badge

toastThere’s no toast quite like Tonga Toast. Don’t you wish you could recreate that magical taste right in your own kitchen?

Now you finally can! Earn your Tonga Toast Badge and make your own delicious Disney breakfast, without the trip to Walt Disney World.

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Ice Powers Badge

IcePowersDo you live in a Frozen-obsessed household? Hosting a Disney party and looking for cool activities?

Earn your Ice Powers badge with these simple trick…freeze water in a glass with the touch of your finger. You’ll channel Queen Elsa and bring your Disney dreams of performing magic to life!

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Calendar Badge

calendarIf you’re gearing up for a Disney trip, you’ve probably got some kind of countdown going. Now you can make the countdown part of the experience!

Earn your Calendar Badge and create your own Disney countdown calendar. It’ll help you build excitement for your trip, and you’ll feel better and better with each passing day.

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