Our Agatha Harkness Appreciation Post

WandaVision spoilers ahead!

While we wouldn’t go so far as to say we wanted her to win…how can you not love Agatha? She’s deliciously evil, and seems to be as much of a fan of chaos for the sake of chaos as Loki. Plus, WandaVision treated us to her origin story AND left the door open for her return. In fact, Kathryn Hahn has made it clear she’s down to return, saying: “Now that I have a taste of it, I’m like, ahh. I really, really love it.”

Agatha Harkness was not invented for WandaVision…she’s a character from the Marvel Universe connected to the Scarlet Witch. Here’s a comparison of her comic design versus her design for the show.

So, why do we love her so much? Here are just a few reasons.

1. She’s got a killer wardrobe.

Agatha has her own clear sense of style throughout the series, usually wearing all kinds of purple to match her power color. Plus, you’ll spot that brooch in every decade (I couldn’t get a good shot of the 90s one, but I believe it’s part of her Halloween costume).

2. She trolls everyone…including the audience

Agatha loves to troll. From trying to disrupt Wanda’s cooking during the dinner party to confusing Vision at the outskirts of town, she was all about wreaking havoc inside the hex. But her trolling extends beyond the characters inside the world. She makes some snide comments clearly poking fun at critical Marvel fans. For example, this one that quickly became a meme:

“That accent really comes and goes, doesn’t it?”

3. she has the perfect villain song

Agatha joins the ranks of Scar, Ursula, and Gaston for having one of the best villain songs in the Disney universe. Once you get it stuck in your head, good luck getting it out.

4. She’s just getting started.

We’re pretty sure this is not the last we’ll see of Agatha Harkness. We can’t wait for her triumphant return to the MCU, but for now, we’ll settle for another WandaVision rewatch.


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