Stained Glass Badge

stainedglassMost of Disney’s amazing castles have one thing in common: ornate stained glass windows. They’re amazing pieces of art that flood the palaces in color and light!

Now you can bring the stained glass magic into your child’s bedroom, playroom, or any room of the house with this easy DIY.

For this DIY, you need a few basic craft supplies:

  • Poster board
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • glue
  • Tissue paper

2bca8341b579e4bfedb47a1c176f3445On the poster board, cut a window shape (any shape you want!). Use the black construction paper to create window panes.

Now comes the fun part! Your child (or a grown up kid) uses the tissue paper to create glass panes. You can make a design, cut shapes into the paper, or create a basic overlay. Just make sure to glue down each piece as you go.

That’s it! Once you’re happy with your creation, it makes for a perfect decoration. Now your little prince/princess has their very own stained glass window.


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