Park Terminology – What Are You Talking About?

Those of us that visit the Disney parks semi-frequently probably don’t even realize how much terminology we casually throw around. Words like “lands”, “cast members”, “fast passes”…they may be standard vernacular to us, but to newbies, it’s a whole not of nonsense.

If you’re too shy to ask your Disney friends, here are a few explanations for phrases you’ll undoubtedly hear us use!

  • AP – annual pass or annual passholder.
  • Cast Member – employees at the Disney parks. These aren’t just performers; waiters, photographers, retail employees, security…they’re all cast members.
  • Dark Ride – storytelling rides that are not coasters. For example, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride or Peter Pan. In this case, dark means literally dark-lit, not dark as in scary!
  • E-Ticket – a slang term for the “big” rides. This comes from the old ticket books, which sorted attractions by letter. The E-tickets were for coasters and the most popular rides.
  • Fast Pass – a reservation system to help guests skip the long lines. In Disney World, the system is Fast Pass +, booked through the My Disney Experience App. In Disneyland, the system is Fast Pass, booked in person at kiosks or through the Disneyland App with the Digital Fast Pass add-on.
  • Imagineering – The design geniuses behind the parks.
  • IP – intellectual property, typically used to refer to the franchise something is based on (for example, Midway Mania’s IP is Toy Story).
  • Land – a themed area within a park. For example, within the Magic Kingdom, you have Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, etc. Places like Liberty Square don’t have the word “land” in their names, but they’re still considered lands.
  • Rope Drop – park opening.
  • Stand By – the regular line, for people without fast passes.

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