Mad Madam Mim: The Magical Anti-Princess

Don’t get us wrong, of course we love our royal ladies. But sometimes, their endlessly chipper moods and perfect wind-blown hair are just not relatable to us mere mortals. That’s why we love Mad Madam Mim.

If you don’t already know her, let us introduce you. Mad Madame Mim is Merlin’s foe in The Sword in the Stone, a fierce witch who’s an incurable pessimist and enjoys the sour things in life. You won’t find her frolicking in a field singing to the animals.

Mim may not be a beautiful young princess, but she’s powerful with shape-shifting magic. She hops and waddles around her cottage in a style that’s entirely her own, and doesn’t care what other people think of her.

Mad Madam Mim is smart, too. She’s a card shark and can hold her own in an old-fashioned wizard duel against the legendary Merlin.

And finally, Mim is just confident. She owns who she is, and absolutely rocks it. We think Mad Madam Mim deserves a little more appreciation from the Disney universe – she’s too cool to be ignored.


One thought on “Mad Madam Mim: The Magical Anti-Princess

  1. littledebster71 says:

    Mad Madam Mim- I Love what she stands for! She was my Twitter profile picture for years til I changed it ( temporarily) for Covid. But she’ll be back!! Thx for giving her some “love”!

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