Unique Lands in the Disney Parks

Virtually every Disney park has the same basic layout: a main street, a central hub, and various themed lands. And while most parks have a few lands that are the same, there are some lands that can only be found in one place. Here is a list of every unique land in the six worldwide Disney resorts. (Note: this list only includes “Magic Kingdom” style parks, so unique parks like California Adventure or DisneySEA do not count.)

Disneyland – Anaheim, USA (1955)

  • New Orleans Square – Despite its location very much inland in California, New Orleans Square sets the stage as the port of New Orleans. The Square is uniquely designed as a series of small interconnecting streets, and boasts unique gift shops selling wares not commonly found in Disney parks (like perfume, antiques, and expensive glassware).

Magic Kingdom – Orlando, USA (1971)

  • Liberty Square – This charming land transports visitors into 17th and 18th century America, with different buildings in the land representing different decades and design styles. The small land celebrates American independence, complete with a replica Liberty Bell in the town square.

Tokyo Disneyland – Tokyo, Japan (1983)

  • World Bazaar – Instead of a traditional “Main Street”, Tokyo Disneyland opens in a covered intersection. It does mirror the turn-of-the-century design of Main Street USA, but features two intersecting streets instead of one main roadway.

Disneyland Paris – Paris, France (1992)

  • Discoveryland – This land closely resembles the Tomorrowland regions of other parks, with a slightly different focus. Rather than looking to outer space and future technology, Discoveryland focuses on the inventive spirit, technology pioneers of the past, and the brilliant minds of Europe.

Hong Kong Disneyland – Hong Kong, China (2005)

  • None

Shanghai Disneyland – Shanghai, China (2016)

  • Gardens of Imagination – The “hub” (end of the front street) in Shanghai is so large, it’s considered its own land. The gardens include topiaries of each animal in the Chinese zodiac (depicted as Disney animals), meet and greet stations, and a massive stage for performances.
  • Mickey Avenue – Instead of a Main Street USA, Shanghai visitors stroll through Mickey Avenue. This street draws inspiration from classic Disney cartoons, and boasts enormous gift shops along both sides of the walkway.
  • Treasure Cove – This land draws a little inspiration from New Orleans Square, but to a whole new extreme. Set in an 18th century Spanish Harbor, Treasure Cove has been captured and plundered by mysterious pirates. It captures the mystery and wonder of dark adventures from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and beyond.



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