Disney Parks By Size

Not two Disney parks are exactly the same. Each has distinct lands, rides, shows, restaurants, you name it. But did you know that every Disney park is actually a different size, too?

The following is the list of Disney parks around the world, from smallest to largest. Before you read, guess where your favorite park falls on the list. The answer may surprise you!

Walt Disney Studios (Paris)                            62  acres

Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong)         68 acres

Disney California Adventure (Anaheim)    72 acres

Disneyland (Anaheim)                                     100 acres – including the new Star Wars Land

Magic Kingdom (Orlando)                              107 acres

Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo)                              115 acres

Disneyland Paris (Paris)                                   126 acres

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Orlando)      136 acres

DisneySea (Tokyo)                                             176 acres

EPCOT (Orlando)                                                300 acres

Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Orlando)           500 acres

Shanghai Disneyland (Shanghai)                 963 acres

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