Upcoming Pixar

Pixar’s Subtle Hints to Upcoming Movies

You may have noticed A113 or the Pizza Planet truck across Pixar’s filmography, but have you noticed the studio also leaves little clues about upcoming movies?

On the Pixar Wiki, you’ll find a complete list of every Pixar Easter Egg featuring an upcoming film. These come in all different forms, from toys to art to graffiti. Here are a few of our favorites!

  1. Cars 3 hinting at coco

Upcoming Pixar

Do you see that village on the tv screen? That’s Miguel’s village, decorated for Dia de los muertos. The building at the top of the hill is the final resting place of Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel’s hero.


In the first sequel to Cars, you’ll find another hidden gem. Merida’s family is portrayed on the tapestry!

3. monsters, inc. hinting at finding nemo

And of course, at the end of Monsters, Inc., Boo hands Sulley a squeaky Nemo!

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