Hunny Pot Badge

hunnyWinnie the Pooh is perhaps one of the first characters mini-Disney fans fall in love with. And what is Winnie’s favorite thing in the world? Honey! (or Hunny, as he spells it).

Make a Hunny Pot of your very own with this easy DIY. You can make any kind of pot, jar, or container you want!

What you need:

  • Any kind of container (flower pots work best)
  • Yellow paint
  • Black sharpie


  1. Drizzle the yellow paint along the top of the container, so that it coats on thick and drips a bit over the sides.
  2. Write “H U N N Y” in black sharpie along the face of the container.

That’s it! This easy DIY is a fun way to add a little Winnie the Pooh charm to your garden, kitchen, bathroom…the sky is the limit. Source

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