The Dark Kingdom

There are six Disney resorts around the world, each with its own unique set of parks creating a distinct personality. But no resort has a park dedicated to the dark side of Disney…its villains! However, rumor has it that a “Dark Kingdom” was once in the works for Disney World. But what would it have been like?

The Dark Kingdom would have been a villain-centric Disney park in Disney World, with Maleficent’s Lair serving as its centerpiece. Rumored attractions for the park included a 3D attraction, several coasters and dark rides, and of course, a dark log flume ride.

“Lands” in this park could have included Scar’s side of the pride lands, the Evil Queen’s wood, Ursula’s Lair, and Captain Hook’s bay in Neverland. But think about all the other possibilities – virtually every Disney villain has a creepy home that could make for a totally immersive experience!

However, no one knows for sure if the Dark Kingdom was ever seriously in development or just a fan wish gone viral. Walt Disney World still has plenty of space for growth and expansion, so who knows…maybe one day this mysterious park will become a reality.

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