Why We Love Olaf

Olaf took Disney fans by surprise. Most of us expected him to be unbearable – another annoying Disney sidekick. But he’s just so sweet. We can’t help but love him! Let’s take a closer look at why this snowman makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

He’s actually really smart.

Who would’ve guessed a sweet little snowman would have all the answers? Olaf may be naive, but he knows what love is, knows how to escape, and immediately starts a fire when Anna is freezing. He’s a clever guy who knows how to take care of himself and the people he loves.

He’s sincere.

Olaf isn’t a sarcastic, snippy sidekick. He means what he says, even when adding an absurd comment that’ll make you laugh.

He’s modeled after a toddler.

Imagineers designed Olaf’s movements to mimic toddler walks. So if you like babies, you’re predisposed to find him sweet and adorable!

And finally…he’s warm.

Despite being made of snow, Olaf is very warm. He absolutely loves Anna, Elsa, and Sven (and seems to tolerate Kristoff – haha!). He’s a hugger, and thanks to Elsa’s magical flurry, he can now fully enjoy the summer heat he’s always dreamed of.

What do you love most about Olaf?


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