Disney Princesses Waking Up

There’s a trend in Disney animation…Disney princesses are stirred from their sleep, and viewers get to watch as they wake up. For some, it’s no problem; they spring up, ready for the day. But for others…not so much. Come on ladies, let’s be realistic!

Here’s our list of princesses rising for the day, from easiest to biggest struggle.

First up, the sleeping beauty: Aurora.

Her case is a little unique in that she wakes up thanks to a magical kiss. But one blink and boom, she’s up and at ’em. Aurora gets placed first on the ranking, though, because she is literally flawless. Look at those lashes and perfectly placed curls! Curse or not, she’s just one extreme morning person.

Next up: Merida.

Princess Merida’s still photo may look like she had a bit of a rough night, but her curls are always free, bouncy, and proudly voluminous. When Merida wakes up, she JUMPS up, excited for the day.

Now, the OG Disney princess: Snow White.

We get to see Snow White wake up more than once in her film. When she wakes up from her sleeping death thanks to the magical kiss, she springs up similarly to Merida, overjoyed at being reunited with her true love. But the rest of the time, girlfriend needs a little stretch and yawn to get going.

The Wild Card: Rapunzel

This one’s a little unfair; Rapunzel wakes up when she hears Flynn screaming. But before she jumps up, petrified, she’s wrapped herself in a cozy hair cocoon and is sleeping very deeply. We’re guessing on a normal day, she’d need some time to fully wake up from that kind of slumber.

The struggle starts: Cinderella

Now we’ve officially moved from early risers to…accurate portrayals of waking up. Poor Cinderella tries to cover her head with a pillow when those pesky birds won’t leave her alone.

Up next: Ariel

Just look at her face. Scuttle – she needs a few minutes!!! Ariel isn’t quite up and at ’em yet…and might not even remember where she is. But the true struggle in this scene is to her left; just look at Sebastian’s face.

Another sidekick sleep interruption: Mulan

In this case, we get where Mushu’s coming from. Mulan is running behind schedule, and there’s no room for tardiness in war. But our girl Mulan clearly has a rough time getting the day started, as evidenced by mumbling, drooping eyelids, and some crazy hair action.

No time to sleep: Tiana

Tiana is one hard-working princess; she starts up the next hustle as soon as she finishes the first one. Unfortunately, that gives her very little time to sleep. This one also feels a little unfair, because we’d all be that groggy if we had a grand total of 30 seconds to close our eyes between shifts.

And finally, the notoriously tired princess: Anna

This scene quickly went viral upon Frozen‘s release. Who among us hasn’t tried so hard to wake up, only to keep falling back asleep in the process? Crazy hair, dry mouth, confusion…Anna has every possible struggle when she wakes up in the morning.

Which Disney princess’ morning is most like yours?


2 thoughts on “Disney Princesses Waking Up

  1. Olivia Bull says:

    I wonder how many people know the beautiful and true meaning behind all of this awakening? I love all of the subtle hints. Hats off to you all. Great job!


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