Pixar’s Next Big Project: Coco

Pixar has tons of movies in the works right now: The Incredibles 2, Cars 3, even a 4th installment of Toy Story. But their most exciting project is a brand new story about a little boy named Miguel exploring his family history.


Coco follows aspiring musician Miguel on a journey through the Land of the Dead, a mystical place full of tricksters and magic. While very few details have been released about the film so far, we do know the principle voice cast:

  • Miguel – Anthony Gonzalez
  • Abuelita (Miguel’s grandmother) – Renee Victor
  • Ernesto de la Cruz (a famous musician & Miguel’s idol) – Benjamin Bratt
  • Hector (Miguel’s trickster friend) – Gael Garcia Bernal

For a little more background about casting and the voice cast, check out this post from Oh My Disney. We can’t wait to see Coco when it hits theaters this November!

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