Disney Parks: Oldest To Youngest

You probably know that Walt Disney World and Disneyland are the two oldest Disney resorts worldwide. But how old are they? How do their parks stack up to international ones?

The following is a breakdown of Disney parks around the world, from oldest to youngest!

  • 1955: Disneyland (Anaheim, US)
  • 1971: Magic Kingdom (Orlando, US)
  • 1982: Epcot (Orlando, US)
  • 1983: Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 1989: Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Orlando, US)
  • 1989: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon (Orlando, US)
  • 1992: Disneyland Paris (Paris, France)
  • 1995: Disney’s Blizzard Beach (Orlando, US)
  • 1998: Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Orlando, US)
  • 2001: Disney California Adventure (Anaheim, US)
  • 2001: Tokyo DisneySea (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2002: Walt Disney Studios Park (Paris, France)
  • 2005: Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong, China)
  • 2016: Shanghai Disneyland Park (Shanghai, China)



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