Disney Attendance vs. Other Theme Parks

If you’re familiar with the Dis-Explorers, odds are you’re already a Disney fan. So it’s no surprise to you that Disney parks are so popular. But have you ever wondered how Disney parks stack up to other theme parks around the world?

The following is the ranking of the top 10 theme parks in the world, based on total attendance in 2015. Are you surprised by the results? We’re so glad to see so much Disney on the list!

  1. Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World) – 20.5 million
  2. Disneyland – 18.3 million
  3. Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo Disney) – 16.6 million
  4. Universal Studios Japan – 13.9 million
  5. Tokyo Disney Sea (Tokyo Disney) – 13.6 million
  6. EPCOT (Walt Disney World) – 11.8 million
  7. Animal Kingdom (Walt Disney World) – 10.9 million
  8. Hollywood Studios (Walt Disney World) – 10.8 million
  9. Disneyland Paris – 10.4 million
  10. Universal Studios Orlando – 9.6 million

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