If you like Disney podcasts, but want something shorter or don’t have time to tune into a full episode, give our minisodes a try! Each runs 10-20 minutes, and cover all kinds of Disney topics. We currently have three types of minisodes for your enjoyment.

Minisode1General Minisodes – The themes of these change every time. Sometimes we talk about special shows in the parks, what other podcasts we enjoy, cruise and running events, or even general Disney news.

If you have a topic you’d like us to address in a minisode, let us know!


Junior Explorers – They may not be old enough to podcast, but even the youngest of Disney fans definitely have opinions. In this series of minisodes, we talk with our kids, nieces, nephews, friends…any little one that wants to chat about the mouse. Sometimes we talk about the parks, sometimes we cover the movies, and sometimes we sing Disney songs. There’s no age limit on magic – or opinions about it!

movie1 Movie-sodes – Are you a movie nerd? Do you prefer to talk about the less popular Disney flicks? We love them too.

Our movie-sodes are all about the cinematic world of Disney. We talk about “forgotten” Disney movies, old school classics, the great and the not-so-great. If you’re a Disney film nerd, you’ll be at home with these minisodes.

Our minisodes aren’t posted on any particular schedule; we throw some out there when we have time, or when listeners ask us to cover a certain topic. If you’d like to hear a specific type of minisode, please let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or here at

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