Hurricane Matthew’s Impact on Disney World and DCL

The worst of Hurricane Matthew has blown through, and now begins the recovery phase. The hurricane forced rerouting of several Disney cruises and the closure of all Walt Disney World parks, an extraordinarily rare set of events.

So where can you go to find the latest information about Disney World and DCL as they assess damage and return to standard operations? We’ve got some suggestions.


There are three sites giving frequent updates about Disney World news and reopenings in the aftermath of the storm.

You can check out their blogs for lengthier updates, or follow them on Twitter for quick news as it unfolds. Each has been sharing reopenings, rescheduled shows, official park announcements, and more.


Trooper Mel is editor-in-chief of, and has been posting regular updates about rerouted cruises, cancellation and rescheduling information, and numbers to call to assess the storm’s impact on your trip. Check the site for frequent updates as the cruises return to their typical routes and stops.

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