Episode 20: Did I Miss Something? I Must Do That!

e20It’s confession time for the Dis-Explorers. All of our troopers have spent tons of time in various Disney parks, but we each have a few things we’ve never experienced. Tune in as we confess our Disney failings…and give each other grief for them!


RJ kicks of this episode with a few Disney updates. We share annual pass discounts and rate increases, get pumped over the new Pirates trailer, and react to the first clips of the new Muppets show in Liberty Square.


Some of our explorers are regulars at Walt Disney World, one of us is a regular at Disneyland, and a few others have spent time in both. Even with all of our Disney experience, there are a few attractions we’ve missed (by choice or even by accident). Hear us confess what attractions, shows, restaurants, etc. we’ve never done, as well as our “must dos” for each trip.


RJ and Jessica lead the discussion on live music in the two US parks. Disney World has tons of event performances, and Disneyland has themed bands for several different lands. Plus, Jessica completely fails to remember whether or not Disneyland has a candlelight processional during the holidays (it does…and it’s very famous…haha).


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