The Real Main Street USA – Marceline, MO

Walt Disney grew up in the small midwestern town of Marceline, Missouri. Though he headed west for Los Angeles as a young adult and grew his empire in California, he continued to draw inspiration from his home throughout his life. In fact, the very street he walked as a kid was reimagined with a magical twist. Main Street USA became the entryway for his passion project: Disneyland (and later many other Disney parks!).

Check out these photos of Marceline, from both past and present. Can you see the resemblance?

16544085471_a86f4ddaaa_o Source

15385608024_38f4071e7c_o Source

img_6617 Source

060513_d23membersonly_fromthearchives_video_becoming-walt-disney-marceline-feat1-780x440-1440723311 Source

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