Explorer Spotlight

Our troop is comprised of 6 Disney fans from all over the US, and each of us has expertise on different Disney topics. We all come together to talk about all things Disney, but it’s always helpful to have a knowledgeable leader with each topic! Let us shine the spotlight on the troop for a moment and share each of our strengths.

Mel – Disney Cruise Line Queenimg_1219-2

Introducing our queen of Disney cruising: Mel! As the editor-in-chief of DCL Prep School, Mel talks Disney Cruises every single day. She can help with planning a cruise, tips and tricks aboard, and not-to-miss activities. When she’s not cruising, Mel is also a big fan of Walt Disney World, and of course loves Disney movies.


Milford – Travel Agent Insider

Milford brings a unique perspective to the table; he’s a travel agent, so he always has the inside scoop on the latest and greatest Disney happenings. He loves Disney World and cruising, and is the friend to call when you need to book a Disney trip! Milford also shares the troop’s love of Disney movies, especially the classics.


RJ – Old School Cool Musician

RJ has a love of old school Disney: classic attractions, movies, you name it. But that’s not all RJ’s passionate about. He’s also incredibly knowledgeable about Walt Disney World, has been on a few Disney cruises, and lends his musical talent to our discussions about Disney sounds.


Adrianne – Type A Disney Worlder

If you need any kind of organizational tips, tricks, or just don’t know where to start when planning a Walt Disney World trip, Adrianne is your girl. She tracks all of the tiniest Walt Disney World details, and shares her knowledge on her blog, WDW Bound. Adrianne is also a lover of Disney movies and music!


Crystal – Running Brewmaster

We all admire Crystal’s dedication…she’s our runDisney expert! On top of training for races and podcasting, Crystal also has time to figure out the inside scoop on the best of Disney beers. Need a bar recommendation at Walt Disney World? Crystal’s got you covered.

unnamed-12Jessica – Disneyland Detail Maniac

Over on the west coast, Jessica is our Disneyland pro. Her blog, Duchess of Disneyland, talks about all kinds of Disneyland topics, but she’s most obsessed with the tiny details in the park, what she calls “hidden gems”. She also shares the troop’s love of Disney movies, and has been known to listen to park loops while she blogs!

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