Spoiler-Free Review of Captain America: Civil War

Warning: This review assumes the reader has watched Captain America: The First Avenger & Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you haven’t seen the first two Cap films, this review will contain spoilers. And, go watch them now. They are seriously good.

Hi DisExplorers, I rarely deem any movie, much less a franchise, worthy of going to the theater on Opening Day. But I tell you what, the Captain America franchise has me hooked. We’ve watched Steve Rogers – aka Captain America – as his character has gone from the simple world view he held as a young wannabe solider in World War II era Brooklyn, where all he wanted was to fight for his country, to the place where he is in 2016. Now he faces an internal fight, as his country wants to restrict how he uses the powers they gave him. And not just his powers, but those of all the Avengers, Mutant-like characters and others with super abilities (even if it is just a backpack with wings).

The movie posters and trailers set the scene. Viewers enter the theater already having an idea of which side each Avenger-Mutant-Vigillante will choose, though there were a few surprises, and a few “surprises” we saw coming from a mile away.


This movie continues the great storytelling of Captain America: Winter Soldier, which more than made up for the forgivably-just-ok storytelling of Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve and Bucky are together again, but the nations of earth won’t let these BFFs have a peaceful reunion. The world demands accountability for the Avengers… much like the Supers in the Incredibles. So, you get the picture. Some Supers, I mean Avengers, agree, others, not-so-much…. Thus the Civil War.

The few spoiler-free criticisms I have include an opening sequence which caused a bit of vertigo, making me very happy I opted to go with the 2-D screening. The locations hopped around the globe so much I felt like I was in the Great Race waiting for the Carmen Sandiego theme song to begin.

The action is awesome, a few of the nitpicking criticisms of previous films, like Cap’s super kicking abilities are made fun of in CA:CW. The entire team behind Cap have the unstoppable combination of a great sense of humor coupled with a great sense of responsibility to the story, its characters and the fans.

My son added this bold statement: “It made a better Avengers 2 than Avengers 2.” Which I wholeheartedly agree with.

If you are on the fence about whether to see Captain America: Civil War in the theaters or wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray, I say run to the theater. Now.

I give this Marvel flick a rating as high as it comes… 5 Infinity Stones! And I didn’t even do that for Avengers 2.


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